Rafał Markowicz

Rafał is an experienced Scrum Master and a software developer working for IT since 2001. Starting from 2007, he becomes an Agile practitioner using Scrum and other Agile methods. Today, Rafał works as a consultant, an Agile coach and a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at, helping organizations and teams. He remains an active developer specialized in test automation and quality assurance.

Rafał Markowicz will conduct his Dojo together with Andy Brandt.

Workshop—Designing with TDD

Do you know that TDD is not "testing", but a method to iteratively and incrementally design software? Do you know that TDD doesn't mean that "automatic testers" write all the tests upfront? No? Then come to this workshop! You will learn what TDD actually is and try TDD by joining this workshop. You will also try pair programming (which is more than just two people sitting together). No advanced programming skills required – if you know how to write an "IF" statement it will do, so Scrum Masters are welcome – but participants will do actual coding. Bring a laptop though, preferably one that is not dumbed down and thus made useless by your corporate IT department.


Workshop—Let’s define the Definition of Done


Workshop—You ain’t gonna need retromat


Workshop—How can Scrum Masters help Product Owners in Product Backlog creation