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AgileByExample is looking for Sponsors and Partners willing to support the conference.

This is an excellent opportunity for your company to get recognized as a modern Agile organization and attract the attention of ambitious IT professionals, as well as promote your services or products.

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ING Tech Poland

ING Tech Poland is a captive shared service center located in Katowice, Poland. The company’s aim is to provide IT services to all ING units globally. Currently, we provide services to more than 60 service consumers in 24 European countries, as well as Singapore and the USA. With over 850 employees ING Tech Poland delivers generic IT service, offers substantial savings thanks to automation and scale effect while ensuring high degree of technical competence of its engineers. In July 2017 ING Tech Poland made a very big step forward and introduced the One Agile Way of Working, including Tribes and Areas divided into autonomous squads working in scrum. Fast and flexible style of working that can easily adapt to the changing environment – that’s the reason why ING Tech Poland has taken the challenge to adopt agile and implement DevOps. The company is constantly developing the framework that brings many advantages when it comes to the cooperation with colleagues across ING. For ING Tech Poland, it's all about the engineering culture, breaking barriers, fostering innovation and promoting an open mindset

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Superskrypt is an interactive design studio, founded by Piotr Burdyło, the main organizer of AgileByExample since 2014 and Podpunkt design studio.

If you like the new graphic identity of the conference, the website and mobile app, see more of Superskrypt projects.