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Platinum sponsor

ING Services Polska

ING Services Polska (ISP) is a captive shared service center located in Katowice, Poland. The company’s aim is to provide IT services for ING globally. Currently, we provide services to more than 30 business partners in 22 European countries, as well as Singapore, the USA and Australia. With almost 800 employees ISP delivers generic IT services offering substantial savings thanks to automation and scale effect while ensuring high degree of technical competence of its engineers. Fast and flexible style of working that can easily adapt to the changing environment – that’s the reason why ING Services Polska has taken the challenge to adopt agile and implement DevOps. Since July 2017 ISP has introduced the One Agile Way of Working, including Tribes and Areas divided into autonomous squads working with scrum. “We are very excited about this big step forward,” says Michał Paprocki. “It’s all about the engineering culture, breaking barriers, fostering innovation and promoting an open mindset. We have a pragmatic approach to this change and we strongly believe the One Agile Way of Working will bring many advantages to cooperation with colleagues across ING.” Read more here

Gold sponsors


Have you ever thought of building complex real-time apps, processing huge amounts of data in milliseconds and designing seamless interfaces that touch millions of users? We face that challenges every day! We are Grand Parade, a tech & gaming hub of William Hill Group – a leading global betting company. As a top Cracow-based software house we specialize in creating advanced systems for online sports betting, gaming and media industries. We are experienced in planning and implementing successful user journeys through various online experiences great and small, and across a variety of platforms, from huge commercial websites to small and targeted apps. We’re going for Agile and our transformation is developing every day!


mBank is one of the leading software houses in Poland. We hire nearly 500 IT people. Every day we provide our customers with useful and easy to use software. We’re doing it at the highest possible level! We develop tools to support sales, used by consultants and analysts of mBank. Furthermore, we create mobile apps for over 1 million customers. In mBank we use a variety of programming languages—from Cobol, through solutions of Microsoft and Java, mobile applications to JavaScript. We are Agile and that has a huge impact on tools that support us in manufacturing creative products and in their maintenance. Our people make the difference, help us find the exceptional ones. Read more here

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Brass Willow

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Podpunkt is a Warsaw based design studio specialising in multimedia, branding, expositions and prints.



Superskrypt is an interactive design studio, founded by Piotr Burdyło, the main organizer of AgileByExample since 2014 and Podpunkt design studio.

If you like the new graphic identity of the conference, the website and mobile app, see more of Superskrypt projects.