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AgileByExample is looking for Sponsors and Partners willing to support the conference.

This is an excellent opportunity for your company to get recognized as a modern Agile organization and attract the attention of ambitious IT professionals, as well as promote your services or products.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of AgileByExample 2020 conference please contact us:
Magda Dobruk +48 600 455 440

Gold sponsors

KMD Poland

For more than 40 years, KMD has played a key role in digitizing the Danish state, helping make Denmark’s public sector one of the best run, most efficient and highly digitized in the world. KMD Poland is the largest foreign affiliated branch at KMD Group. We are responsible for important solutions and processes in the IT, R&D, Finance, HR and Support areas. We help Nordic business and the public sector make another major leap in their digital evolution.

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We want to make a life-changing difference to people living with hearing loss.

Demant is a worldwide leading hearing healthcare company. For more than a century we have been helping people with hearing loss all over the world to connect and communicate with their surroundings.

Since the opening of the Software Research and Development Center in Warsaw, Demant has been developing solutions for hearing devices, implants, and fitting software. The latest technology, including Azure Cloud, mobile solutions, web solutions and AI, makes us capable of personalizing hearing devices and adjust them to individual preferences.

Our mission is not only help our clients stay active and not withdraw from social activities, but also to enjoy life to the fullest.

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ING Tech Poland

ING Tech Poland is an IT company located in Katowice and Warsaw (Poland), which provides IT and operational services to all ING units worldwide.

In terms of IT, ING Tech Poland delivers generic IT service, offers substantial savings thanks to automation and scale effect while ensuring high degree of technical competence of its engineers.

Their new operational services are delivered by two units, RiskHub (Warsaw) and CardsHub (Katowice). The first one was established as part of ING Tech Poland and is their Modelling Expertise Centre that shapes the future of risk modelling and data analysis in Poland. The ambition is to build the innovative community focus on risk and the position of employer of choice in Warsaw labour market.

CardsHub is another strategic area that was set up at ING Tech Poland. It’s responsible for processing card transactions for ING. The hub is a global service, dedicated to the ING banks worldwide. It delivers services that ensure smooth processing of end-to-end card transactions.

In July 2017 ING Tech Poland made a very big step forward and introduced the One Agile Way of Working, including Tribes and Areas divided into autonomous squads working in Scrum. The company is constantly developing the framework that brings many advantages in terms of cooperation with colleagues across ING. For ING Tech Poland, it’s all about the engineering culture, breaking barriers, fostering innovation and promoting an open mindset.

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PKO Bank Polski

We want to make a life-changing difference to people living with hearing loss.

PKO Bank Polski is the indisputable leader of the Polish banking sector. It embarked on the second century of its operation as the indisputable leader of the banking sector and the most valuable company at the Warsaw Stock Exchange – a brand esteemed both in the country and abroad. It is the only Polish entity that was included in the group of large companies of the global index of developed markets, FTSE Russell.

PKO Bank Polski is the technological leader of the banking sector, the market trend setter. It offers services that go beyond traditional banking; it initiates and holds shares in the Domestic Cloud Operator (Operator Chmury Krajowej), a company delivering innovative technological solutions. The bank makes an increasing use of state-of-the-art technologies, transforming into a technological company with a banking license, skilfully transitioning into PKO Bank of the Future.

For a while, PKO Bank Polski has been using the digital transformation potential for processes inside the organisation, and primarily for the work on ongoing improvement of its offer. It accompanies Poles in their daily life, understands their needs, supports domestic companies and local governments, which directly affects the country’s economic growth and quality of social life.

The Bank forms an essential part of the Polish economy. The Capital Group companies offer a full range of financial services to individual customers and enterprises, spanning banking, brokerage, lease and insurance services. They respond to diversified needs of all customer groups. New generations of Poles associate the PKO brand with quality, trust and safety, but also with modernity and innovations.

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Superskrypt is an interactive design studio, co-founded by Piotr Burdyło, the main organizer of AgileByExample since 2014.

Superskrypt is a digital product agency and software house based in Poland. Superskrypt create visual strong & well made digital products and brands, interactive spaces and exhibits, modern interfaces.
Our speciality is combining function and design for the use of the digital world.

Superskrypt together with graphic design studio Podpunkt consists of an interdisciplinary team of programmers, designers, architects and engineers. Thanks to it’s roots in design, our team knows how to think in a visual way, see more of Superskrypt projects