AgileByExample 2017




Tickets for the Dojo, which is the ABE workshop day held on the 9th of October, cost 300 PLN / € 75. The Dojo tickets are only available as an extension to the regular conference ticket. The number of Dojo tickets is limited (180 tickets) due to the number of trainers and training rooms.

Registration details

After your payment is successfully processed you will be contacted to provide the details for ABE17 attendees.

To register participants you will have to fill in the registration form that is available on the My Tickets page. After you register all the participants, you will be able to complete the order.

Group discounts

We offer a 10% discount for group orders of 5–9 people, and a 15% discount for group orders of 10+ people. The discount will be applied automatically when you add tickets to the cart.

In case of a larger group please contact us regarding our sponsorship program.


You can pay either using direct bank transfer, with credit card or via PayPal. We use PayPal to process credit card payments (it doesn't require PayPal registration). The payment details are sent upon ticket checkout.

The invoice will be sent after your payment is processed. Should you require an invoice prior to your payment, please contact us directly.


A 23% VAT will be added to the displayed price. Should you require a non-standard VAT rate, please contact us directly.

Ticket returns & refunds policy

You can return your ticket before the event with a refund of 70% of the price paid (please contact to do so). Returns after 14 days before the conference will not be accepted.