Andy Brandt

Andy Brandt is one of Poland’s most experienced Agilists. He trained more than a thousand Scrum Masters, mentored many prominent Agile Coaches and trainers in the community and consulted numerous organizations helping them use Agile better. Author of the popular “Agile w praktyce” book and “Andy Jedzie” vlog.

Andy will conduct his Dojo together with Rafał Markowicz.

What is the state of Scrum?

Earlier this year I was wondering how Scrum is practiced "in the field", in organizations. I decided to go beyond my personal observations and do some proper research on the matter. In this talk I will present the results of this research and share ma thoughts on the current „state of Scrum”.

Workshop—Designing with TDD

Do you know that TDD is not "testing", but a method to iteratively and incrementally design software? Do you know that TDD doesn't mean that "automatic testers" write all the tests upfront? No? Then come to this workshop! You will learn what TDD actually is and try TDD by joining this workshop. You will also try pair programming (which is more than just two people sitting together). No advanced programming skills required – if you know how to write an "IF" statement it will do, so Scrum Masters are welcome – but participants will do actual coding. Bring a laptop though, preferably one that is not dumbed down and thus made useless by your corporate IT department.


Talk—The overlooked aspects of “Agile transformations”


Talk—Empirical scaling—a different approach to Agile at scale