AgileByExample 2017

Andy Brandt

Andy Brandt is one of Poland’s most experienced Agilists. He trained more than a thousand Scrum Masters, mentored many prominent Agile Coaches and trainers in the community and consulted numerous organizations helping them use Agile better. Author of the popular “Agile w praktyce” book and “Andy Jedzie” vlog.

Empirical scaling—a different approach to Agile at scale

There are three main scaling methodologies on the market today. I bet you all know them. Despite all their differences, they have one thing in common: they are all prescriptive although to a different degree and in a different way. However, none of them exactly fits most organizations and they treat them primarily as a source of inspiration. Clearly, a different approach is needed. In this talk I will first discuss why agility at scale differs fundamentally from agility on the team level, then present an another view of scaling, one that I call "Empirical Agile Scaling."