Dojo—Oct 21st

The Dojo will be held at Centrum Zielna—Mała Pasta (building A)—and two newly constructed buildings (B and C). We will be using nine rooms on three floors.

As the name suggests, it is located in the very heart of the city.

Getting to the venue

Getting to Zielna is easy from METRO ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKA. The find the main entrance to the building you need to go to Bagno Street.

There’s a parking area in front of the building but have in mind that this is a metered parking zone and the number of parking slots is limited.

Workshops: Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna

ul. Zielna 37B
Świętokrzyska Metro Station

Conference—Oct 22–23

ABE19 will be held in Multikino Ursynów, one of the largest cinemas in Warsaw.

There will be plenty of space for breaks, networking and collaboration. The largest room seats 500 guests. All rooms are equipped with professional stage lights, sound systems and large screens.

Conference: Multikino Ursynów

al. KEN 60
Imielin Metro Station


The conference party will be held on Tuesday evening in Bar Studio inside the Palace of Culture (Plac Defilad 1). The easiest & fastest way to get there is by the subway. The entrance is just in front of the main conference door and you go north (Młociny direction) to leave at the Centrum station. If you need help we’ll be arranging a group right after the closing keynote at the lobby of the conference venue to lead the way.

During the party we’ll be serving finger food, soft drinks and everyone will get a couple of coupons for a beer & wine.

Other information

An app for public transport

We highly recommend JakDojade application for your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (or use it as a mobile website). It’s very useful as it shows you all the possible options on how to get from place A to B using the public transport.

Public Transport Tickets

A ticket for 3 days costs 36 PLN (~8.3€, ~$9.3USD). You can buy them in ticket machines at most of the stations, in kiosks, sometimes even in a bus or a tram. It’d be easiest if you buy one at the airport. Remember to activate the ticket at the validator on a tram/bus or subway gate and have it with you all the time.


Taxis in Warsaw are rather cheap, but be careful when getting it at the airport or train station. Better call one of the taxis below, otherwise there is a big chance taxi driver might charge you more than he should. 1 km should cost you no more than 3,2 PLN (daytime), so the ride from airport to the conference venue (14km) should cost ~42–50 PLN (~10€, ~$15).

Recommended taxi companies:
Taxi app: iTaxi and FREE NOW are iPhone/Android applications (you can choose cash/credit card in settings)
Wawa Taxi: +48229644 (you have to have cash if you don’t tell them otherwise while ordering)
Sawa Taxi: +48226444444 (they accept credit cards)