AgileByExample 2021

October 11–13

100% online

AgileByExample is the biggest conference in Poland on all things agile.

For 10 years, we've connected speakers from around the globe with the agile community in Poland and beyond.

Real-life cases / Agile / Scrum / Change management / Communication



Two days filled with keynotes, talks and networking.

We will start announcing 2021 speakers soon.

Since 2011 our keynotes were Mary Poppendieck, Jurgen Appelo, Alistair Cockburn, Henrik Kniberg, Jeff Sutherland  and many other top-notch experts.

Wanna know more? Check out the previous editions. 

Keynotes 25+ talks

As every year one of the highlights of ABE are its’ keynote speakers. We invite both influencers well established in our community as well as experts from other industries who share their experiences.

In 202 throughout two days of the conference we had 30+ talks, all with interactive Q&A session.

Discussion on Slack

In 2020 we started running a conference Slack with topic channels so that you can discuss and connect to others whenever you prefer. Beside that, every talk had a dedicated channel for additional Q&A with the speaker.

Speak at ABE

We are looking for your submission for 2021. Share your story. Do a workshop. Moderate a topic channel on Slack.

Speak at ABE

Call for speakers, trainers & topics is open until June 28th 2021.



The day before the main conference we organize the Dojo.

Dōjō (道場) is a space for immersive learning.

At ABE Dojo is the training day, where you can choose 2 out of dozen of sessions to deepen your knowledge and also expand your network. Learn by doing, meet great agile senseis and step out of your comfort zone!


The Dojo is organized as a multitrack workshop day with two 3–3.5 hour long sessions—morning and afternoon. Every participant will be able to choose the sessions to take.


The workshops touch various topics—from Agile, Scrum and product development to effective communication, product strategy and management. Workshops focus on actually practicing the skills!



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Not convinced?

Not convinced?

ABE has been organized since 2011. Throughout these years we had wonderful speakers, including many of the leaders in Lean & Agile community as well as numbers of practitioners from many organizations, from small teams to enterprises.

Previous editions


ABE20 online

Geoff Watts
Joe Justice
Mary Poppendieck
Patricia Kong
Ralph Jocham
Tom Poppendieck

27 talks
discussion panel
10 workshops

250 participants
100 at Dojo



April K. Mills
Bob Marshall
Jeff Gothelf
Jurgen Appelo
Willy Wijnands

33 talks
10 lightning talks
discussion panel
18 workshops

550 participants
180 at Dojo



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ABE is looking for sponsors

AgileByExample is looking for Sponsors and Partners willing to support the conference.

This is an excellent opportunity for your company to get recognized as a modern Agile organization and attract the attention of ambitious IT professionals, as well as promote your services or products.

Sponsorship packages Look who supported us

Please contact us to discuss the details.


AgileByExample team

Organizing team

Ania Przybyszewska
Emilka Bojańczyk
Kasia Sztarbała
Łukasz Szóstek
Magda Dobruk
Mateusz Srebrny
Paweł Rzymkiewicz
Piotr Burdyło


Program Committee

Adam Michalczyk
Andy Brandt
Ania Przybyszewska
Bartek Janowski
Ewa Koprowska
Izabela Goździeniak
Kate Hobler (Terlecka)
Mateusz Srebrny
Paweł Rzymkiewicz
tomek wykowski
Tomasz Wykowski


ABE is organized by


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