Due to the COVID-19 situation we’ve decided ABE21 is going to be an 100% online event. The risk of another wave of infections leading to gathering restrictions is too high.

If you have any questions please contact us at

ABE online

Where are you going to host the conference?
We’re using and Zoom for Dojo.

How do I enter the online conference?
You will receive an email with the access link that you should open on Chrome or Firefox. After opening the website you will be asked for the email (enter the same email that we sent the access link to).

I haven’t received any login details.
Check the SPAM and offer folders in your email programme. If it doesn’t help, contact us at

What do I need to take part in the conference?
You will need any computer (laptop, desktop) with any OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). We only support Google Chrome and Firefox right now.

You also need at least a camera or a microphone, because the whole experience is about interacting with other people!

We strongly recommend using headphones to prevent feedback!

For Dojo you also need to install Zoom on your computer.

If you are using a corporate computer try to enter the conference few days before to make sure there are no problems with your company’s firewall.

What should be the speed of my internet connection?
There are no particular requirements on speed of network or computer. It should work. stopped / didn’t load.
Check if you are using Chrome or Firefox. Refreshing the page should solve most problems. Should it not help—contact us

I have problems with my mic / camera.
Try following the steps described here.

How to move around the online conference venue?
Just use the arrows on your keyboard. To start video or see some information go to the marked space and press x. Here you’re gonna find a more detailed instructions.

How do I watch the presentations?
Go to the Yellow Room or Pink Room (in order to enter them you need to step on the black hole on the map with the corresponding flag) and press x. A YouTube window with the live stream should load.

I’ve been blocked—what to do?
You can press and hold G to enter the ghost mode—you will be able to move through the people.

I don’t want to talk to anyone—what can I do?
You can change the interaction distance by clicking on the circles in the menu on the bottom of your browser. 


When does Dojo registration start?
Registration will start about two weeks before the workshops. We will send you a notification.

How do I enter Dojo workshop?
We will be sending the Zoom links few days before the workshops.  

How are you going to host the workshops?
All the workshops will be hosted on Zoom.

Speakers & Trainers

Can I join the whole conference?
Yes, of course. Plus Dojo 🙂

Should the presentation have a standard 4:3 or wide 16:9 format?
Both are fine, we’ll adapt the screening.

Tickets & Invoices

Can I get an invoice before the payment?
Yes, you will get a pro-forma invoice after you place an order and choose bank account transfer. Then, after the payment is complete, you’ll get a “regular” invoice. If you choose PayPal payment, you’ll get the final invoice right after the payment.
All the invoice details can be filled on the webpage while you process your order.

Can I decrease the number of tickets I bought?
If you do it before September 15, we return you 70% of the ticket price. You’ll get a correcting invoice to sign in and send us back. Then we’ll transfer the money.
Sadly, after September 15 we can’t accept returns, as most of arrangements are complete.

Will I get a discount for a group order?
We offer a 10% discount for group orders of 5–9 people, and a 15% discount for group orders of 10+ people. The discount will be applied automatically when you add tickets to the cart.
In case of a larger group please contact us regarding our sponsorship program.

I got a speaker/trainer invitation, but I already have a ticket, what now?
We will send you a correcting invoice to sign and after you send it back to us, we will return you the money.