If you have any questions please contact us at


AgileByExample 2023 will be held in Warsaw. We will meet at Multikino Złote Tarasy.


When does Dojo registration start?

How does the process of registration to Dojo groups look like?
All registered participants will get an email with link to a questionnaire asking for preferences.

Then, after a week or so, when all participants fill in the questionnaire, we use a solver to sign every person to most preferred workshops. That may mean that you will get one most preferred workshop and one that was second on your list. For the last few years, we only had one situation when a participant got both workshops that were second preferred by him, so usually everyone is happy.

Is it possible to buy additional dojo ticket if I bought conference ticket already?
Yes, you can make an upgrade. Write to

I am a speaker, can I join Dojo?
Yes, all speakers will be sent login details and will be able to choose Dojo workshops, so stay tuned!

Speakers & Trainers

Can I join the whole conference?
Yes, of course. Plus Dojo 🙂

I need some materials for my Dojo.
Please send your list to or till Monday, 19th of September. After that date we won’t be able to help.

Should the presentation have a standard 4:3 or wide 16:9 format?
Both are fine, we’ll have cinema screens, so 4:3 will have a bit more empty space on sides.

Tickets & Invoices

Can I get an invoice before the payment?
Yes, you will get a pro-forma invoice after you place an order and choose bank account transfer. Then, after the payment is complete, you’ll get a “regular” invoice. If you choose PayPal payment, you’ll get the final invoice right after the payment.
All the invoice details can be filled on the webpage while you process your order.

Can I decrease the number of tickets I bought?
If you do it before August 31, we return you 70% of the ticket price. You’ll get a correcting invoice to sign in and send us back. Then we’ll transfer the money.
Sadly, after August 31 we can’t accept returns, as most of arrangements are complete.

Will I get a discount for a group order?
We offer a 10% discount for group orders of 5–9 people, and a 15% discount for group orders of 10+ people. The discount will be applied automatically when you add tickets to the cart.
In case of a larger group please contact us regarding our sponsorship program.

I got a speaker/trainer invitation, but I already have a ticket, what now?
We will send you a correcting invoice to sign and after you send it back to us, we will return you the money.