AgileByExample 2020



Due to the COVID-19 situation ABE20 is going to be an online event.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Tickets & Invoices

Can I get an invoice before the payment?
Yes, you will get a pro-forma invoice after you place an order and choose bank account transfer. Then, after the payment is complete, you’ll get a “regular” invoice. If you choose PayPal payment, you’ll get the final invoice right after the payment.
All the invoice details can be filled on the webpage while you process your order.

Can I decrease the number of tickets I bought?
If you do it before September 15, we return you 70% of the ticket price. You’ll get a correcting invoice to sign in and send us back. Then we’ll transfer the money.
Sadly, after September 15 we can’t accept returns, as most of arrangements are complete.

Will I get a discount for a group order?
We offer a 10% discount for group orders of 5–9 people, and a 15% discount for group orders of 10+ people. The discount will be applied automatically when you add tickets to the cart.
In case of a larger group please contact us regarding our sponsorship program.

I got a speaker/trainer invitation, but I already have a ticket, what now?
We will send you a correcting invoice to sign and after you send it back to us, we will return you the money.

Should I print my ticket?
There are no printed tickets, just come and register to get your ID.


When does Dojo registration start?

Speakers & Trainers

Can I join the whole conference?
Yes, of course. Plus Dojo 🙂

Should the presentation have standard 4:3 or wide 16:9 format?
Both are fine, we’ll have cinema screens, so 4:3 will have a bit more empty space on sides.