Previous editions

Previous editions

Since 2011

AgileByExample has been organised since 2011. It all started with 125 agilists in a small Warsaw music club. Since then, each year ABE was growing. In 2013 we introduced the Dojo, an additional day of conference with multiple half-day workshops. Since 2015 the number of participants keeps around 500 during the conference and over 200 people during the Dojo.

By Example

The key trademark of ABE is the “by example” theme—the conference provides case studies and experience reports of real world struggles with adopting agile methods and techniques. Beside that ABE is known for the audio/video quality (organized in cinema rooms with huge screens and superb sound systems) and top-notch organization.

ABE in numbers

40+ speakers every year
500+ attendees every year
50,000 social media reach
150,000 views on youtube


Over the years we’ve been working with many companies, including:


Since the beginning ABE has been partnering with Agile Warsaw community as the main co-organizer and supporter.

We’ve been supported by many communities, focused on agile and development.