Piotr Pelcer

I started my career as a Java developer, following my Computer Science & Software Engineering double major aquired in the USA. However, I have been a natural leader to any group of people ever since the kindergarten and I have quickly commited to working with people on quite a large variety of positions and levels over time. I currently have over 15 years of experience working in IT and 7 of those in Scrum Master / Agile Coach / Leadership roles.

I am not a big fan of giving people labels and titles. Your email footer doesn’t make you who you are and is quite irrelevant. If I had to give myself a tag, I’d say I’m “an enhancer”. A guy who makes a difference with the help of his agile mindset. I try to live by the rule: “Today I will change the world. A little bit.”

Piotr will lead his Dojo workshop with Grzegorz Iwanek.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—Lego workshops—Maximizing Product Value and Why is communication so hard?