Grzegorz Iwanek

I have been working in IT for over 15 years. I began my journey in 2004 as a Tester for IT systems. Since then, I have held leadership and managerial roles. For several years now, I have declared myself a follower and practitioner of Agile, particularly Scrum, but I also have an interest in Lean and Kanban. I am a certified Scrum Master, recognized by both Scrum Alliance and Additionally, I hold a Product Owner certification.

In my work, my primary focus is on fostering Agile values within the team, striving for self-organization, and improving communication between development and business. I always emphasize to teams, “Respect your Product Owner, as their job is incredibly challenging and responsible.”

In the challenging battle between “people vs. processes,” I always stand on the side of people. I prefer to work with individuals who have real personalities, rather than treating them as mere resources.

Grzegorz will lead his Dojo workshop with Piotr Pelcer.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—Lego workshops—Maximizing Product Value and Why is communication so hard?