Paweł Łapiński

My engineering journey started when I got my first Lego Technic as a kid. I knew that building things is something that I want to do in life since then. My first website, which I created using knowledge gained from tutorials printed in computer magazines, went public in 2002. As a teenager, I’ve spent countless hours learning different programming languages, building websites and PC games.

My professional career lasts for almost 10 years and is focused mainly on web applications, APIs and SaaS companies. I’ve worked in many different industries like fintech, gaming and real estate. After several years of being a software engineer I started to develop an interest in, how I like to call it, ”everything else that is around software”. I realized that, even having the best software engineers onboard, no business can achieve success without the right organization, process, culture, tools, practices and ways to make people motivated. I now continue my passion for ”everything else” as an Engineering Manager in a fast growing SaaS startup.

Paweł will lead his Dojo workshop with Joanna Płaskonka.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—Tech-tastic Adventures