Joanna Płaskonka

My educational background is related to Control Engineering and Robotics. I did not become an engineer automating a chocolate factory (like most children would dream to be), however I learned a lot and finished my PhD studies in Robotics with honors.

My professional career started in the field of Software Configuration Management. It quickly turned out to be that supporting people in creating effective processes and valuable products is what propels my career positively. My adventure with Scrum and Agile began in 2010 and continues to this day. I am currently a Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach and consultant with 12+ years of experience in various industries, including telco, IT, banking, robotics, academia. My mission is to deliver the best learning experience and have a positive impact on people and organizations.

My latest passions are trips to the forest, picking mushrooms and fruit, crocheting and sewing. But I don’t get too attached to it, it will probably change, taking into account my unquenchable thirst for continuous learning and exploration.

Joanna will lead her Dojo workshop with Paweł Łapiński.

Workshop—Tech-tastic Adventures

A Beginner's Quest on the Path Towards Agile Business Excellence

Do you often find yourself lost in a sea of tech jargon, trying to navigate conversations with your tech-savvy teammates? Fear not, brave adventurer! We're here to guide you through an epic journey where you'll conquer technical mysteries and emerge as a true hero of collaboration. Get ready for a thrilling ride packed with surprises, where every choice you make unravels a cascade of consequences! By the end of this quest, you will no longer be afraid to use the language of Continuous Integration and Delivery, DevOps, Domain Driven Design, and more. With hands-on activities and real-life examples, this workshop will empower you to confidently support your developers and drive growth in your organization, whether you're a Scrum Master, a marketing expert, or a fearless business leader.