Michał Parkoła

Michał is an Engineering Manager at Appsilon as well as the founder and operator of Grow Together Academy. You can find his writings about collaboration and leadership at

Michał Parkoła will give his speach with Paweł Rzymkiewicz.

An Agile Approach to Forging Talent—a Case Study from Appsilon

Like many fast-growing companies, we are faced with the challenge of living up to the standards set by our previous success while at the same time reaching for new heights. To do that we need to create an environment for each and every team member to maximize their potential.

In this talk we’ll share what we’ve learned while designing and running our internal professional development program at Appsilon—Talent Forge—that aims to:

Maintain high standards of services as we grow our Tech Team from 20 to 50 and beyond
Make Appsilon a great place for fast-growing R/Shiny professionals
Advance the state of the art in the global use of R/Shiny
Have a positive impact on the world (focusing on climate change)

Appsilon is a fast-growing world leader in R/Shiny—the technology used by 50% of Fortune 500 data science teams.