Mateusz Trawiński

For the last 5 years I’ve been engaged in promoting various Agile frameworks. Currently I work in Qurate Retail Group as a Scrum Master for a full stack development team. My vision of Scrum can be shortened to one sentence: use framework rules to create high performing team. Prior to that I worked in a consulting company where I lead project involving Agile framework implementation within the company and for external clients in both production and services fields. Before I got fascinated with Scrum I took part in a scientific research project that focused on the impact of neuroscience research on contemporary society which resulted in me being a co-author of a book “Suicide of Enlightment. How neuroscience and new technologies impact human world” (Samóbójstwo Oświecenia? Jak neuronauka i nowe technologie pustoszą ludzki świat).

In my free time I’m a passionate rock and alipine climber (depends on the season).

Inefficiency is in your DNA. Scr…um it!

The concept of having innovation, discovery and change genes in your organizational or individual DNA is quite popular today. But the sad truth it that our brains evolved not to build game changing IT solutions but to survive in a small group somewhere in a cave. Therefore in our DNA we have rather tendency to be inefficient when challenging complex tasks. In the first part of this presentation, I will show what are the main areas we are inefficient at both individual and organizational levels. Then I will explain how Scrum practices face these inefficiencies so that you can become an effective individual and organization… even against your DNA!