Mateusz Trawiński

For the last 5 years I’ve been engaged in promoting various Agile frameworks. Currently I work in SimCorp as a Scrum Master for a full stack development team. My vision of Scrum can be shortened to one sentence: use framework rules to create high performing team. Prior to that I worked in a consulting company where I lead project involving Agile framework implementation within the company and for external clients in both production and services fields. Before I got fascinated with Scrum I took part in a scientific research project that focused on the impact of neuroscience research on contemporary society which resulted in me being a co-author of a book “Suicide of Enlightment. How neuroscience and new technologies impact human world” (Samóbójstwo Oświecenia? Jak neuronauka i nowe technologie pustoszą ludzki świat).

In my free time I’m a passionate rock and alipine climber (depends on the season).

Mateusz will conduct his Dojo workshop with Steven B. Poggel.


Workshop—“You have my sword, and My Bow, and My Axe”

Self Designing Teams That Will Do Great Things Together

This workshop shows in practice how the mechanism of “self designing teams” works. It includes three parts: In the first part we discuss pros and cons of teams being created by external / management decisions and teams which are self-designed. The attendees play a crucial role in coming up with the arguments.

We introduce the basic rules of the self designing team process: identifying and visualizing skillset and creating constraints for team build-up. In the second part, we train visualizing skillset by asking participants to declare their skills using a role playing game character sheet which includes six skills:
1. strength (tech skills)
2. dexterity (physical condition)
3. constitution (stress resistance)
4. intelligence (how fast you learn)
5. wisdom (knowledge in favorite field)
6. and charisma (soft skills).

After declaring their skills participants form various types of groups, which require certain skillset. In the final part, teams are given a complex task to do with requirements changing during the process. In the summary we discuss the effects of the workshop. How did the process of self designing teams worked out and where it can be used in IT and non-IT context.


Talk—Inefficiency is in your DNA. Scr…um it!