Mariusz Baranowski

Certified Scrum Master & agile freak.
Many years ago I was an event manager implementing events in Poland and Europe. Now I work with scrum and kanban teams and support the organization in agile transformation by promoting the ‘Just Do IT’ slogan. I strongly believe that effective communication is the most common problem encountered in teams and organizations, and at the same time it has the strongest impact on their success. That is why I help teams discover their potential and release the energy necessary to achieve their goals.


Mariusz will conduct his Dojo workshop together with Marcin Kępka.

Workshop—How to create highly motivated teams?

Short (max 15 min) presentation of the most popular theories concerning motivation (Maslow, Herzberg, Reiss, Deci and Ryan) and work with the participants in a form of a workshop to come up with conclusions in two fields: 1. What motivates me to do a good job? 2. How can I improve motivation in my team?

During the workshop, we will focus participants on SDT theory and the autonomous motivation fueled by 3 factors: autonomy, competence and relatedness.