Marcin Kępka

Scrum Master with a heart for people and patience for changes. I’ve been working for IT in the area of ​​software development for the last 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to try many different approaches to project implementation, but in fact my heart and mind were conquered by Agile. This fascination has been going on for many years, during which I had the pleasure to accompany the teams on their way to agility.
On a daily basis I work with Developers, Product Owners and managers. I adhere to the principle that people work as the environment allows them, which is why I also support the transformation of the organization towards greater agility.


Marcin will conduct his Dojo workshop together with Mariusz Baranowski.

Workshop—How to create highly motivated teams?

Short (max 15 min) presentation of the most popular theories concerning motivation (Maslow, Herzberg, Reiss, Deci and Ryan) and work with the participants in a form of a workshop to come up with conclusions in two fields: 1. What motivates me to do a good job? 2. How can I improve motivation in my team?

During the workshop, we will focus participants on SDT theory and the autonomous motivation fueled by 3 factors: autonomy, competence and relatedness.