Maciej Stępnikowski

PKO Bank Polski

Maciej is a Scrum Master with a very positive attitude, who daily takes actions to increase transparency, inspections, and adaptations. As he believes, the effectiveness of the teams is the issue he cares about the most.

For several years he was an IT Project Manager, who worked with large corporate clients. Thanks to this experience and the fact that he worked with the development team as a tester, he understands the specifics of software development very well.

For over 6 years of his professional experience in a Scrum Master role, he had the opportunity to participate in the transformation of a small company from a project approach to a product approach, as well as support the agile transformation on a big scale. Since 2020 he has been taking part in the digital transformation of the largest Polish bank, where he has been working not only on a team level, but also on an organizational one.

In his free time, he plays the piano and conducts pro-publico bono activities in his community. He is an Adult Fan of LEGO.

Maciej will give his talk with Kacper Nowosadzki.

How system thinking enabled us to see the whole and pushed us to change the way we work

System optimization by the example of the largest Polish mobile banking app.

Have you ever had a problem with the low engagement of managers in changing the way you work? Do you want to get to know how to engage your managers to think creatively and focus on the important things? Do you want to enable change in your product development structure but you don't know how? Are your teammates and managers tired of hearing about Agile and Scrum without seeing their benefits?

We will take you into the journey, where we'll show you how we gathered data, crafted a system optimization goal of decreasing lead time, sketched a system model using system thinking techniques, and defined actions and experiments which had an impact on our goal by the example of product development of IKO - the biggest polish mobile banking app.