Amalia Manoliu

Amalia Manoliu works as an Agile Coach in sunny Gibraltar. She coaches teams, individuals, and groups of people working on different initiatives in her company. Her mission is to bring people together, increase collaboration, create awareness for improvements, and sustainable change.

She developed an interest in Agile & Lean, out of a desire to find better ways of working and helping those around her. She has a passion for coaching teams and her super-power is building high-performing teams with Agile mindsets.

Amalia coaches in her free time, with the aim of helping others achieve their true potential and increase self-awareness. Amalia is a CTC candidate with 10 years of experience working in Agile environments in multi-cultural and distributed companies.

Amalia will lead her workshop with Lucia Baldelli.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—Lean Startup mindset and how to deal with ever-changing market conditions.