In 2020, due to the pandemic, the whole conference was moved to the online. All the talks, with the exception of the keynotes and the discussion panel were held in two parallel tracks. After each talk there was a Q&A session to allow more contact with the attendees.


Geoff Watts
A Welcome from Geoff Watts

Joe Justice
Agile Manufacturing

Mary Poppendieck & Tom Poppendieck
Resilience is not a Luxury



ABE20 @ YouTube




Melissa Lang
Talk—Coaching toolkit for remote team set-ups

Monika Konieczny
High sensitivity—how to use it as one of scrum master’s super powers

Denis Salnikov
Switching from Scrum to Kanban? Forget it!


Radosław Orszewski
A real road map or just a bus stop timetable?

Stanisław Matczak
Bumpy Road to Releaseable Increments

Sławek Łukjanow
Is the Design Sprint a one time thing?


Tilo Schwarz
Coaching for an Agile Mindset

Scott Dunn
Connecting the Dots—How and Why Leaders and Management Must Lead Their Agile Transformations


Julia Shalet
I’ve got this really good idea…

Agnieszka Szóstek
How to spice up your product? Hints and tips on how to build a powerful experience strategy


Aaron Sanders
It’s VERY VERY Scrum. How teams use Scrum for discoVERY and deliVERY in order to build the right product as well as build the product right.

Kevin Goldsmith
You Are Doing Autonomy Wrong

Dawna Jones
Navigating the Messy Middle: Implementing Agile Transformation Using You as a Compass

Woody Zuill
Make it Easy


Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay
Researchers as Supporting Cast for Agile Teams

Ender Yüskel, Christian Eske Bruun
What have we learned from recruiting and onboarding for agile teams?

Paweł Polewicz
Agile recruitment


Michael Liehmann
Change—How to start a movement.

Karol Krawiec, Andrii Glushchenko
Agile Transformation in COVID-19 pandemic

Wolfgang Steffens
Agility. Adaptiveness. Organization. Agile leadership. Change management.


Kate Hobler (Terlecka)
How to develop Scrum Masters and agile coaches?—the ingredients for a perfect Development Program

Jakub Bażela
Want better Scrum Masters? Let them be RETRAINED

Tomasz Wykowski
What did we learn when visiting the Toyota factory?

Lucia Baldelli
Kicking off an effective coaching engagement


AgileByExample 2020: Discussion panel

Check it out on YouTube.

The panel was moderated by Andy Brandt.

Joe Justice
Mary Poppendieck
Tom Poppendieck

Patricia Kong
Ralph Joham



All the workshops were 3–3.5 hour long. The participants could choose one workshop in the morning and another in the afternoon session.

Maciek Sowiński
Bringing organizational agility to life: using systems thinking in agile coaches work

Lucia Baldelli
Lean Startup mindset and how to deal with ever—changing market conditions.

Marta Orbitowska, Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
Agile Education, education tailored to the competences of the future

Magdalena Rudzka, Jolanta Marszewska
Inception—how to get everyone aligned on product vision and goals? Learn facilitation techniques in practice.

Ewa Koprowska, Łukasz Szóstek
VBD Primer in practice

Wolfgang Steffens
Seeing System Dynamics: System Modelling with Causal Loop Diagrams

Julia Shalet
Put your idea to The Really Good Idea Test®

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
4 steps to empathic communication in your team

Bartosz Juszczak, Wiktor Bakalarski
On the trail of product strategy

Kate Hobler (Terlecka)
Building a Scrum Master and agile coach development programs


Agata Pyzowska
Emilka Bojańczyk
Katarzyna Sztarbała
Maciek Turczyniak
Magda Dobruk
Mateusz Srebrny
Piotr Burdyło

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Bartek Janowski
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