In 2018 all the talks, with the exception of the keynotes, lightning talks and the discussion panel were held in two parallel tracks. We continued with the established ABE format – the keynotes were 50 mins long and the other talks were either 30 or 15 min.


In 2018 we had 8 different thematic sessions.
Agile Practices

Peter Stevens
Six Questions to Change Your Life: The Power of Personal Agility

Silvana Wasitova
Extreme Scrum

Piotr Leszczyński
How to trust your data


Stephen Parry
The Chameleon Effect

Manuel Küblböck
Making decisions when there are no bosses

Tomasz Netczuk, Mateusz Srebrny
Lean @ Codlity

Leadership & Innovation

Gary Crawford
Overcoming weak signals, inattentional blindness and long held assumptions

Ela Czajka, Cezary Piekacz
A Google way to do OKRs

Mina Boström Nakićenović
Innovate Successfully with Minimum Viable Effort

Remote & Craftsmanship

Lisette Sutherland
How to be a high performing distributed agile team

Alan Stanbridge
Swarming in Scrum (and a bit about remote teams)

Piotr Kuczyński
Mobbing. Not what HR thinks it means

Michał Buczko
It requires three to understand, define and deliver



In 2018 the lineup of the panel was spectacular.

Check it out on YouTube.

The panel was moderated by Andy Brandt.

Stephen Parry
Marcin Michalski
Angel Medinilla
Kevin Goldsmith
Lisette Sutherland


All the workshops were 3–3.5 hour long. The participants could choose one workshop in the morning and another in the afternoon session.

Tomek Włodarek, Kamil Surmacz
Iterate™ Product Development Game. Have fun, fail safe and learn fast

Paweł Kmiotek
Liberating Structures—Introduction to facilitation structures to include everyone’s opinion

Agnieszka Lidak, Adam Kwiecień
Bring your own huge problem and apply full Action Learning session to it

Marcin Ziółek, Magdalena Walczak
The Cynefin framework: putting complexity into perspective

Jakub Szczepanik
Agile Transformations Case Studies

Paweł Feliński
Hypotheses Validation

Rafał Markowicz
You ain’t gonna need retromat

Peter Stevens
Start changing your life: Getting Started with Personal Agility

Lisette Sutherland
Work Together Anywhere

Maciek Sowiński
Improve your product thinking skills

Radosław Orszewski
Flow-focused metrics—your way to become Lean

Stephen Parry
Breaking through the culture barrier

Artur Zawadzki, Kamil Tyburski
Value Stream Mapping—a fresh look at your processes

Marzena Tyran, Bartek Janowski
The bitter-sweet taste of feedback—an effective way to feed our self-development?

Sabrina Hauptman
Design Thinking

Paweł Pietruszka
Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Game

Ran Nyman
Using Systems Thinking in Designing Organisation




Emilka Bojańczyk
Karina Wądołowska
Magda Dobruk
Mateusz Srebrny
Natalia Żurowska
Paweł Rzymkiewicz
Piotr Burdyło

Program Committee

Andy Brandt
Ewa Koprowska
Jakub Szczepanik
Kate Terlecka
Łukasz Szóstek
Paweł Rzymkiewicz

ABE since 2011