AgileByExample has been organised since 2011. It all started with 125 agilists in a small Warsaw music club. Since then, each year ABE was growing. In the end of 2014 AgileByExample was awarded the 10th best lean & agile conference in the world. Currently ABE consists of 2 days of lectures and a day of half-day Dojo workshops. Since 2013 we support ABELight miniconference organized by Agile Warsaw community.


Jurgen Appelo
Managing for Happiness

Henrik Kniberg
Focus (or Stop Starting, Start Finishing)

prof. Andrzej Koźmiński
Polish Leadership

Brian Marick
Out from Under The Thumb of Silicon Valley, New York, and London


ABE16 @ YouTube


Since 20XX we divide each ABE conference into 8 different theme sessions

Steve Hayes
Lessons and Experiences from 15 years of Agile Coaching

Marc Loeffler
The systemic Scrum Master

Adam Kawa
5 agile coaches / 2 years / Spotify—lessons learned

Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz
Effective meeting facilitator

Suburbs / Culture

Łukasz Węgrzyn
So far so good… so what—the legal side of Agile

Kuba Ruiz
Why not Agile?

Marek Kirejczyk
Building an engineering culture

Jakub Nabrdalik
Creating a knowledge-sharing culture

Grzegorz Kemski, Karol Sarnacki
Salary Formula—walking through a minefield

Riina Hellström
Designing Agile HR is not a walk in the park for rookies


Paweł Brodziński, Tomek Rusiłko
Statistical Forecasting—Software Estimation Made Easy

Gus Power
From big to small and back again

Izabela Kowalik
Specification nightmare

Andrzej Łach
Taming the Moloch

Peter Leeson
Suddenly reality


Ivana Gancheva
How Many Customers Do We Need and How? Customer Relations in Agile Environments

Sławek Łukjanow, Maciej Wilmiński
Will anteater survive?

Łukasz Banach
Effective backlog prioritisation for company happiness

Małgorzata Wyczańska
UX research in a huge agile project at CitiHandlowy

Adam Cetnerowski
Effective TODO selection—A Kanban story

Brendan Marsh
Spotify Running—Lessons learned from building a ‘Lean Startup’ inside a big tech company

At Scale

Krzysztof Dąbrowski
Not-So-Greenfield Agile Implementations

Ewa Koprowska, Krzysztof Biernat
Can you scale-down with dignity?

Tomek Pająk
DevOps transformation tailored to organizational culture

K. Niewiński, M. Srebrny
Delivering value fast—introducing changes in a large company

Jacek Bochenek
Agility at scale—building feature teams for huge products

Kevin Goldsmith
Creating a culture of continuous improvement at Avvo

Agile in an Organization

Rolf Goetz
Lean Inspections

Ewa Fijołek
Agile release process in non-Agile corporate architecture

Jakub Uniejewski
Gaining speed at OLX

Oana Juncu
Purposeful Agile

Soft Skills

Alexandre Magno
Learning 3.0

Łukasz Aziukiewicz
Organize your SMs and POs development

Jakub Drzazga
When devs intend to leave a project and no one knows about it

Agnieszka Szóstek
The magic of timeboxing

Radek Lont
The wisdom of crowds—an aspect of sprints you count on

Marcin Brodziak
Social skills for introverts

Bringing Back Agile

Petter Abrahamsen
So you think you are AGILE—really?

Bartosz Zbierajewski, Wojciech Buras
1,5 year with NONBAN and how it helped us

Łukasz Szóstek
Rebooting Agile

Marcin Floryan
Spotify is not a good example


The Future of Agile

Andy Brandt

Henrik Kniberg

Marek Kirejczyk

Brian Marick


Łukasz Szóstek
EVO and Agile

Paweł Brodziński
Collective Intelligence

Jakub Szczepanik
Scrum Master Wanted!

Marcin Floryan
101 Things Software Never Learnt

Marcin Floryan
Refactoring life

Jurgen Appelo
The Game


NEED for 2016 data
The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master

Ben Linders
Increasing your Agility

Dan Vacanti
Agile Metrics, Forecasting, and Predictability

NEED for 2016 data
Design Thinking

Melissa Lang, Christel Sohnemann
Tribal Toolkit: Understanding within Teams


Emilka Bojańczyk
Karina Wądołowska
Łukasz Szóstek
Magda Dobruk
Mateusz Srebrny
Piotr Burdyło

Program Committee

Andy Brandt
Ewa Gowin
Jacek Wieczorek
Jakub Szczepanik
Mateusz Srebrny

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