Zuzanna Ilkiewicz

Scrum Master from Poznań with 5 years of experience. A big fan of working with people, creativity and experimentation. Self-development enthusiast, recently mostly interested in conflict resolution and human’s emotions.

Her hobby is playing drums, yoga and spending time close to nature.

Zuzanna will lead the workshop with Bartosz Juszczak.

Workshop—Evidence-Based Management as practical way for improvements and agility

Have you ever experienced a situation where a lot of effort has been put into implementing a given functionality only to figure out that customers do not share the organization's opinion on its value? The reason is that any idea is only a guess until it is validated by customers and users.

The goal of every initiative undertaken by a company is to provide benefits for its beneficiaries. However, how can one determine if implementing a given requirement will bring business value? Which information is necessary to assess an organization's ability to deliver valuable results? What is the importance of goal setting in this process?

During this workshop, we're going to show how Evidence-Based Management might be useful on the way towards improvements and thus help an organization in delivering benefits in conditions of uncertainty.