Wiktor Żołnowski

CEO and Co-Founder of Pragmatic Coders, a company building unicorns in Agile and pragmatic ways. Former Agile trainer and consultant with a comprehensive portfolio of interesting Agile transformations.

What do YOU need to do to make THEM love working in Scrum? A story of building an environment where 60+ Developers strive to work in Scrum

Have you ever struggled with "convincing" THEM (Developers) to use Scrum? Have you ever seen companies where Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches were the only people who cared about Agile and Scrum? Would you like to hear about a company where such problems do not exist anymore?
You will have a chance to be inspired by our story and learn how we built a company where developers WANT and enjoy working in Scrum. It was not easy and required changes in the entire organisation, but it was worth doing it. I will share with you all the steps we made to make it possible.