Wiktor Bakalarski


Privately – husband, runner, gym beginner. Professionally – Scrum Master. Currently, I work with teams in the IT department of a production company. I have built my experience supporting both software houses and companies that develop their own products. Co-founder of the Agile Open Space community in Poznan.

Workshop—On the trail of product strategy

Imagine you develop a product. It’s pretty obvious you want to succeed. Have you ever wondered how to increase your chances?

Having a good product is not (only) about luck nor trying enough hard if you don't know what's your ultimate goal (vision). It's neither about even the best tactical steps if you're following the wrong path. Product success is about good strategic decisions.

During this workshop, you will experience the preparation of the product's vision and strategy. We will also discuss why and how strategy shall be validated, as well as why it's not set in stone and continuously evolves.