Viktor Grgić

Viktor is an Agile Coach, software developer, and Certified LeSS trainer with 25 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and Agile adoptions. He worked first 15 years in The Netherlands, and since 2013 in Hong Kong.

He brings Agile adoption and practices to organizational (management & product ownership), team, and technical (software development practices and operations) levels. He has coached and trained many large organizations: Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Municipality of Amsterdam,, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam, Sdu Publishers, Cathay Pacific, Thales Hong Kong, Societe Generale Hong Kong, and Japan, Natixis Hong Kong, Splunk in Shanghai, Hutchison Ports in Hong Kong, BMW in Germany, Nationale Nederlanden in the Netherlands,, Contour in Singapore, Jago in Indonesia.

In addition to LeSS, Viktor writes papers, blogs, and gives classes on the subject of IT architecture and Agile.

Story about Jago

A virtual bank in Indonesia with a LeSS huge adoption. Simplified organizational structure with self-management in a highly hierarchical Indonesian corporate culture. Lessons and experiences from other places than western countries.

Workshop—Feature Team Adoption map

One of the key ideas in LeSS that is different from most other approaches is shared code ownership across many teams. We use this XP practice and bring it to the next level - across many teams instead of just within a team. Also, we use continuous integration practice from XP and bring it to the next level: across many teams. In this workshop, we will take real situations from participants and in groups step-by-step do "Feature Team Adoption map", and go through big part of the process of creating feature teams. We will explore how teams are formed that share code ownership, and how sharing starts and grows. What does it mean in reality to share ownership, what is the effect on quality, and other related questions. Which technical practices are needed and how they work.