Viktor Cessan

Viktor Cessan is a senior system and agile coach based in Stockholm, Sweden.

He’s coached organizations and teams for over a decade at companies such as Spotify, Slack, King Games, Viaplay, Avanza Bank, Ikea, and H&M. He does context-specific coaching and adopts a research-based approach to coaching.

Viktor also runs the popular blog ‘The Agile Coach’s Guide To The Galaxy,’ and co-hosts the popular systems coaching podcast ‘The Law of Jam’ together with Esther Derby.

In addition, Viktor donates part of his time to NPOs and startups that aim to make the world a better place, and towards mentoring minorities in tech.

Informed Interventions

When we, as managers or coaches, are asked to work with a system, there’s always more to the situation than what meets our eyes. In this presentation, I take you through common requests that I’ve gotten as an agile coach. I then contrast the initial request and understanding with what we discovered was actually going on, and what we then did. I also share some tips for anyone working with systems in their day to day work so that you also can make more informed interventions.