Urszula Wawrzeniuk


I am an Agile Lead with over 6 years of experience in product delivery, change management, leadership, and coaching. I specialize in improving processes, facilitation, creating agile environments in organizations, and team management. I am an experienced facilitator, business trainer, and consultant.

Currently responsible for implementing a strategic change in 10Clouds—a transformation from a software company to a tech consultancy hub.

Workshop—Discovery workshops—tools&techniques

During the workshop, participants will go through the entire product discovery workshops along with the appropriate preparation of themselves and the participants, explanation of all tools and techniques, examples of templates and defining business hypothesis which are ready to be validated on the market.

How to grow from Project Manager to Product Delivery Manager

During the talk, I would like to discuss the full transformation that 10Clouds went through to become a product delivery focus company instead of managing projects.
I want to showcase the main value that introducing the Product Delivery method (covering full product lifecycle) brought to our clients.
On top of that, I would like to discuss how our team grew from Project Managers to Product Delivery Managers—what kind of effort, skills, and focus it required and what kind of conclusions we have from our practice.