Tomasz Morański

His passion is to work with people and new technology. He has been associated with the IT industry since 2015. Supporting organization with Facilitation, Recruiting, Coaching, Management, and Performance Management, Onboarding and Offboarding.

Fascinated by the use of questions in working with people. The training that he conducted focuses on recruitment, Onboarding, Offboarding and talent management inter alia: Agile HR, Meetup ALE, Educational Thursday,

A graduate of the School of the Trainers at Wszechnica UJ Kraków. Certified by Door / Franklin Covey: Motivation 6.0, Top Manager, Helping Client Succeed, Filling Your Pipelines. A graduate of the University of Minnesota by the Coursera: Preparing to Manage Human Resources; Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Employees; Managing Employee Performance.

Tomasz will lead his workshop with Błażej Drobniuch.

Workshop—How to recruit for Agile roles?

At the end of the day, you as a manager are responsible for the people in your department. Employee Experience topics like: regular coaching, support, performance review, periodic interviews, pay cuts and layoffs are on your shoulders. That’s why it is so important that you also actively participate in the recruitment of your employees! But how to recruit effectively for Agile positions that are unfamiliar to you?

Find answers to questions:
What is a competency?
How to build a candidate's competency profile?
What recruitment techniques can help to check a candidate's experience?
Which recruitment techniques are ineffective and harmful?
How to formulate proper recruitment questions and what is the STAR model?
What are the advantages of internal vs. external recruiting?
What aspects distinguish a professional recruitment process?