Stephanie Wand


Stephanie is a senior strategist at Bupa, a multinational healthcare company.  Specialising in the intersection of tech and environmental sustainability, Stephanie develops and executes on strategies that both reduce the footprint of technology (and its supply chain) and enable the organisation to use tech to meet sustainability ambitions & targets.  She also gets involved in wider innovation activity such as hackathons, having seen for herself the huge benefit these can bring to organisations in terms of both employee engagement and solutions.

B Disruptive – hacking for health

Hackathons are not just for big tech, any company in any industry can harness the power of hacking to build a culture of agility & innovation. Stephanie has run multiple global hackathons and will share the story of Bupa’s global ‘B-Disruptive’ hackathon which brought together 700+ people across 16 countries for a virtual hackathon looking to design the future of healthcare. Focusing on delivering solutions for our business, teams went from ideation to creating prototypes in just a matter of days. This type of event brings agile to life with an intense and rewarding experience that not creates innovative ideas for your business and simultaneously motivates staff and empowers them to think and work differently. Join the session for insights and practical tips on why & how to run your own hackathon.