Sławek Łukjanow


Scrum Master in MEDICALgorithmics. Agile Coach and trainer with many years of experience in implementing agile methodologies in different companies. Specializes in high-risk projects connected with tight deadlines and an unsure end effect. Constantly searching for ways to use agile methodologies outside of IT (currently hardware).

Always takes care of good relations and general openness between team members as he believes that this is the best way to enhance creativity and energy that are essential in all projects.

Co-creator of several management training simulation games such as Project Laboratory, Scum Game, Agile ZOO, Scrum Values Game, and Crazy Blocks. Passionate about any new teaching methodology – be it practical or theoretical.

Is the Design Sprint a one time thing?

Creating a completely new medical device in one year? Easy! When you have hundreds of people working only on this product and unlimited budget... We have none of these two things. And you can take for granted that it is really hard to iterate with hardware. But we did it and we are doing it all the time. Is there something "potentially releasable" every Sprint? Almost never! Do we learn something new about our product every Sprint? Definitely yes! There are many projects shipped to the clients for the first time after one year or more. That's a big problem and there are so many startups falling apart when their products eventually hit the market. Do they work in Scrum? In most cases - yes (and in some cases, they are really good at Scrum). Is it enough? No. I will show you our way to work with this issue.