Simon Reindl

An experienced author, speaker, trainer, coach, and technologist, with over 25 years of helping people adopt new technologies and realising business value. He has experience in a wide range of business
domains, in both the public and private sectors around the world.

His professional experiences combine to enable him to deliver a wide range of Professional Scrum Training courses as a Professional Scrum Trainer, as well as coach organisations at all levels – from
the technical to the managerial. Simon was one of the inaugural Stewards maintaining the Professional Scrum Master course with Scrum.Org.

Simon is a Lean Agile Procurement trainer, exploring ways to use agile principles and practices to bring more effective value in the procurement area. He is the founder and director of Advanced Product Delivery Limited, whose purpose is to help individuals, teams and organisations deliver better value in a humane way.

His passion is helping teams and organisations deliver better value by building products that delight the customer. He does this by engaging with the people, facilitating their understanding and helping improve their performance.

Agile Procurement – foundation for successful delivery

As agile is embraced across our organisations, the market is increasingly complex, and the relationship with vendors move towards partnerships, the adversarial contract approach and long running tender process poses challenges to delivery. In this presentation the lean agile procurement approach will be described, how it can be used between teams inside an organisation, as well as to establish partner-company relationships faster and more effectively.

Workshop—Agile Procurement Big Room Evaluation simulation

In this role play a Big Room Procurement Evaluation will be run. Teams will represent the prospective partners (suppliers) and the company to shape a contract to start delivery. It will introduce attendees to the process and the Lean Agile Procurement Canvas.