Sarah Gruneisen

Hi, I’m Sarah Gruneisen.

Think of me as your guide on a profound journey inward, where we’ll unlock the hidden powerswithin you and set free the dragons of potential.  I have been developing software since the 90’s, stepped into leadership in 2008, and into became a certified leadership coach in 2021.

In a world where authenticity often takes a backseat, my mission is to kindle a flame of trust, empathy, and autonomy in everyone willing to embrace their inner strength.

Are you ready to walk the path less traveled and discover your own way of the dragon? Let’s ignite your potential together.


Agile Evolution: Engineering Visionary Leadership

Transform from a technical expert to a visionary leader in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Drawing from my experience as an engineer educated in the late 90s, I witnessed a time when customer-centricity and business value were at the core of our solutions. Today, there's a worrying trend where engineers are becoming mere "ticket monkeys," losing their creative and holistic involvement in solution design.

Why is this a significant danger? Because this shift not only jeopardizes the quality of end solutions but also diminishes the excitement and fulfillment of the engineering career. A lack of creative involvement leads to disengagement and stifles innovation, ultimately impacting business success. ​In this keynote, I'll share practical strategies for leveraging agile principles to rekindle the creativity and holistic thinking that once defined our industry. You will learn how to:

Reintegrate customer-centric and business value-focused approaches into your engineering practices.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within your teams.

Empower engineers to contribute creatively and meaningfully to solution design.

Through my journey, I'll demonstrate how adopting agile methodologies can transform your leadership style, inspire collaboration, and drive sustainable success. Join me to explore how you can evolve into a visionary leader, reigniting the passion and creativity in your engineering teams and ensuring a thriving future for the tech industry.