Rob Cooper

Experienced Agile Coach at Enterprise, leadership and team levels. Drive change in organisations using a range of frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe & LeSS Agile approaches, Experienced Agile Transformation practitioner across a range of industries. Experienced in Program & Project Management and have helped multiple teams transition from waterfall to Agile approaches.

Workshop—How to influence without Authority (or 'How to change things when you're not the boss')

Many Agilists get frustrated with their organisation; after all, they're there to bring change but there's a thousand people trying to stop them. The problem is we don't have the power to tell people what to do & make them go and do it!

If only we were the CEO instead, it'd all be different, right? Well, you're not and even if you were, do you always want to lean on a 'Do it, or else!' leadership approach?

This talk presents an iterative and relational approach to bringing deep and long lasting change as a practical framework. Avoiding just talk, the workshop includes an opportunity to develop a canvas of your change strategy as you move towards your outcome.