Radosław Orszewski

Radoslaw Orszewski is Lean Agile coach, consultant, and a trainer. He has been practicing many methods and tools for over 15 years working in international organization across the Europe. He’s Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and he holds a prestigious title of Accredited Kanban Consultant. He’s also experienced Scrum practitioner (CSP-SM & PO). In his independent work he focuses on optimizing business value flow by including all technical and non-technical stakeholders and working with C-level management. He founded Berlin and Wroclaw Lean Coffee meetups, he teaches at Berlin CODE University and since 2019 he hosts a podcast “Kanban przy kawie”.

Workshop—Dependencies and scale vs Slack and flow

It’s easy to say we should avoid scaling organizations, reduce the number of dependencies, by a special team composition, and alike. The bigger and more complex our product is the harder to stick to such too simplistic principles.

Most of the scaling frameworks base on re-designing organizations and forcing synchronization in Sprints, but isn’t it against the modern software development practices and DevOps cultures? Simple limiting work in progress at the product or portfolio level create slack which makes organizations anxious and uncomfortable.

Is there a solution for such challenges? What kind of practices to introduce when working at scale is something we can’t avoid and we don’t have enough power, money, or simply people on the market to create fully independent, cross-functional teams only.

This is an advanced workshop recommended for participants experienced in working with big scale (multiple teams working on the same product/service at the same time) or at least theoretically interested and educated in this area. A basic understanding of Kanban practices is also a nice-to-have.


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