AgileByExample 2018

Radosław Orszewski

Radoslaw Orszewski is a Lean & Agile coach and practitioner and as Kanban Coaching Professional focusing on the Kanban method. He has over 12 years of experience in areas such as project & team leadership, optimizing business flow by including all technical and non-technical stakeholders and working with C-level management. Radoslaw has a passion for transforming complex organizations toward business agility. After 9 years of working in Berlin, he’s now based in Wrocław, Poland.

Hijack company feedback loops with Kanban Cadences

As much as it seems easy to "switch" your team to Kanban, it's much harder to succeed with it fully, especially in bigger organizations. One of commonly observed fail scenario is that a team decides to work continuously and adopt some of Kanban Method practices but the rest of the company stays untouched. Easily noticeable symptom of such a superficial change is.. no change in the structure of meetings and feedback loops outside of the team.
The talk will take you on a journey about a company which adopted Kanban at a level of teams and evolved the rest of meetings and synchronization loops up to the C-level, following the concept of Kanban Cadences. You'll learn about some do's and don'ts of company business alignment.
What's the lesson and value for the audience?
- Awareness that working in continuous mode with Kanban requires changes in the whole organization's internal communication structure,
- Introduction of two Kanban concepts: Kanban Litmus Test (analyzing changes) and Kanban Cadences concept (proposed network of feedback loops).

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Workshop— Flow-focused metrics—your way to become Lean

Many businesses would like to become more focused on delivering customer value in a predictable way. Many teams would like to become lean and escape "estimation = promise" trap. How to start? I'm going to try to convince you that tracking very little data can be very powerful for teams, business owners and the customers.
Everyone interested in looking for metrics/graphs alternative or supporting to Velocity or burn-up/down charts. People looking for improving flow of customer value, looking for DevOps practices adoption. Typical roles: Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners..
Participants will experience building a simple Kanban system and based on the board they are going to generate, collect and visualize their own data with flow-focused lean metrics. Each group (4-5 people) will understand the purpose of: tracking lead time, throughput, drawing lead time scatterplot, cumulative flow diagram and WIP aging. All these metrics will be explained as actionable tools for better decision making and forecasting work.
My workshop is 99%* analogue: no computers requires, presented from hand-drawn flips, participants use post-its, pens, crayon, paper.
*1% depending on the group level and interest, there's an additional option of taking group's real data into a Monte Carlo method forecasting tool and explaining statistical forecasting.