Radosław Orszewski

Radek Orszewski is a seasoned agility practitioner with over 15 years of international experience in software products development and services delivery working in Germany, Poland, and teams in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

He practices Scrum since 2007 and Kanban Method since 2011 and thanks to successful and documented implementations and transformations he has become the first Polish Kanban Consultants. He’s also an accredited Kanban Trainer working at a personal brand –

He hosts a Kanban-dedicated podcast “Kanban przy kawie” and explores the our rim of agile galaxy.

How to balance being agile and manage your teams' cognitive load?

What kind of teams we have in our organizations? Are all of them fully independent and cross-functional? What if the answer is "no"? Does it mean we aren't agile? What if I tell you it's ok, at least temporarily to have a few types of the teams, but it's more important how we design their interactions.

Sound interesting? Welcome to the world of Team Topologies. We will talk about agile interactions, designing your organization for flow and taking care of your teams sanity with limiting their cognitive load.


Workshop—Dependencies and scale vs Slack and flow


Talk—A real road map or just a bus stop timetable?


Talk—Upstream Kanban—what's in there for Product people?

Workshop—Build, Measure, Improve—Introduction to Kanban Method


Talk—Hijack company feedback loops with Kanban Cadences

Workshop—Flow-focused metrics—your way to become Lean