Piotr Leszczyński

Piotr works at Ocado Technology as a Software Development Managers helping the organisation to deliver great value through building highly effective teams & departments. He coaches and trains teams and individuals on Agile/Lean topics, communication skills; facilitates conflicts and group decision making.
Apart from day-to-day job at Ocado he co-creates a teal organisation of trainers/consultants dedicated to helping teams collaborate well through sharing NVC and teal concepts across businesses.
He is part of initiatives around Restorative Circles and demystifying conflicts.
He co-funded an NGO whose mission is to bring democratic education and empathetic communication to more people.

Talks to be announced.


Talk—Responsible Leader—a year long story from self-application of the Responsibility Process

Workshop—Restorative Practices—an essential leadership skillset not only for conflicts