Piotr Kuczyński

In my career, I’ve seen multiple contexts—from the e-commerce industry to finance. I use my knowledge and experience in Lean, Agile and Lean Six Sigma to inform innovative solutions which can move a company from one level of effectiveness to the next.

I’m a skilled facilitator and trainer, with my forte bring creating a learning space for laughing be things and finding ways of applying those in the real world.

I’ve been part of the Agile Coach Camp Poland community and have facilitated a few of those events.

Workshop—How do you change your organisation?

The workshop is designed for people who want to make their change have an impact on their workplace. The group will work on problems they bring in to figure better understand why they want the change and how to get over the typical obstacles of large obstacles. We'll cover the golden circle of what, how why from Simon Sinek, Chesterton's fence, Virginia Satir Change model and we'll discuss the iterative and incremental nature of any change , as well as how to sustain change, with a focus on large organizations.


Talk—Hitting your head against concrete

Workshop—Why do your initiatives die—the problem with solving problems