Piotr Kuczyński

I’ve been a Programmer, Consultant, Product Owner, only to find myself in helping others become a better version of themselves by being a Scrum Master.

I’ve worked in quite a few contexts, seen a lot and each time I’ve tried to leave the Organization I joined in slightly more productive, more fun and definitely a more humane place to be.

My multiple context changes, looking for innovating the ways of working and my sons name inspired the name of my small business – Innomada.

Artificial Intelligence: game changer or same old stuff?

AI will take our jobs! (Not)
Other than this scary quote, I'm pretty sure that there is little to be feared and much to be gained from AI.

I would like to tell it to you as someone who once did a B.Sc. in AI and is now coming back and looking at the field from an Agile Coaching perspective.

Unless AI gets out of hand, that is. Then we're doomed.


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Talk—Hitting your head against concrete

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