AgileByExample 2020

Piotr Kuczyński

I’ve been a Programmer,  Consultant,  Product Owner,  only to find myself in helping others become a better version of themselves by being a Scrum Master.

I’ve worked in quite a few contexts,  seen a lot and each time I’ve tried to leave the Organization I joined in slightly more productive,  more fun and definitely a more humane place to be.

My multiple context changes, looking for innovating the ways of working and my sons name inspired the name of my small business – Innomada.

Piotr will lead his dojo with Arleta Szczygielska.

Hitting your head against concrete

From my experience I know that when we want to change things, we often run into a concrete wall. "They" just don't understand. And from my experience, that's a moment which tells me I'm running after a local minimum.

I want to describe my experiences with helping Organisations change and why trying to get "my team Agile" might be , as Russel Ackoff described it, "doing the wrong thing righter" and how I've found Organisational Psychotherapy and the Antimatter Principle to help me wrap together all the concepts together.

Workshop— Why do your initiatives die—the problem with solving problems

In this workshop we intend to share our knowledge of the psychological mechanisms which stop us from taking action and/or finding solutions, as well as describing the ways in which we may address the “problem of solving problems’”. The resulting knowledge can help the participants gain awareness about where resistance to change can originate from and find new ways of coping with difficult challenges.