Pieter Van Driessche

I’ve been an agile coach (or mentor?) for almost 15 years, and still learning every day. I coached all kinds of teams in all kinds of organisations: software, operation or marketing teams, in Belgium and abroad, in small and large organisations. Combining people, process and product is my passion.

Existential problems of a sustainable demotivation coach

Yes, this is correct. This talk is not about motivating people, but about demotivating them. Motivating people is boring. As a consultant, motivation of people is considered important. But after a few years, you know all the tips and tricks, and I was bored. So I became a demotivation coach.

After years of experience and a lot of scientific research, I compiled an extensive list of demotivation techniques. In this talk, you’ll get to know those techniques, but also why I talk about this. Just hop on and enjoy!