Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens is a Leadership Coach and Founder of the Agile Leadership Journey, a community devoted to improving leaders and their organizations. Together, they develop leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to improve business outcomes.

Pete is the host of the inspiring (Re)Learning Leadership podcast where Pete and expert guides explore leadership challenges and discuss paths for new awareness and growth for leaders to improve their leadership in highly complex and rapidly changing environments.

Pete guides leadership teams across the globe, engaging top-tier organizations such as Salesforce, Google, General Electric, IKEA, Medtronic, Vodafone, Danske Bank, Hitachi, Swiss Re, and more. Furthermore, Pete led the development of the Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) and Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) programs for the Scrum Alliance.

Keynote—The Courage and Commitment to Change

We are experiencing an increasing chasm between agile teams and organization leaders. So as agile teams embrace new ways of working, the leaders running the organization continue to operate business as usual. Leaders and teams are playing different games, breaking the organization.

Pete shares the story of what is possible when a leadership team itself has the courage to embrace new ways of working and the commitment to change. This is a four-year journey of an American insurance company whose leadership team reached beyond scaling frameworks to change the mindset and culture to shape a more innovative future.

Workshop—Shaping Culture for Business Agility

While Agile ways of working have been around for over 20 years in the tech world, expanding agility to other areas of business has proven more challenging. One problem is that our definitions of agility and frameworks for agility are too rooted in the software development world. We must expand our understanding of agility and our language for agility to reach this new audience.

This workshop exposes the mindset gap between agile teams and organizational leaders, introduces a values framework to reframe agility and overlay how agile processes and frameworks are only as effective as the mindset and culture they live, and explores example organizations who have successfully bridged this gap to drive business performance and organizational health.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the five domains of business agility
2. Discover the four value systems shaping organizational culture
3. Distinguish agile processes from the mindsets that implement them
4. Explore levers that shape culture for business agility