Paweł Zakrzewski

Senior Director, General Electric Healthcare

18 years of experience in Aerospace, Healthcare & Digital Industry managing projects and building highly performing IT teams in GE Aviation and GE HealthCare. Built Avionics & Digital organization in EDC Warsaw, launched start-ups in GE Aviation, supervised safety critical software testing platform development funded by EU, worked as a Product Engineering Centre of Excellence Leader for Crew Interface Systems in Cheltenham, UK. Currently Engineering leader for Command Center Software Platform in GE HealthCare.

An Agile application for safety critical systems development

Over last 10 years Agile methodology became very popular project management approach, mainly for the software development. It proved to be effective in the rapidly growing digital industry. However, so far it has not been applied successfully for development of the safety critical and highly regulated systems, which are common in aerospace, automotive and healthcare. Creation and implementation of Agile framework that addresses all the safety critical software requirements and limitation, that is fully compatible with existing regulations and approvable by certification authorities would be a breaking point, for these industries. According to a successful track record in digital industry, Agile methods would potentially allow to reduce time and cost of the new products development which are the key constrains for the new technologies’ introduction in avionics.