Paweł Stobiecki

Ocado Technology

In the tech world for 10+ years, currently helping big data users cruise the Ocado Technology data lakes. A software engineer with a product mindset, for whom the technology and frameworks are just a way to achieve a goal. After work he writes scripts for birthday parties for children, sings dwarven songs at conventions, and – most importantly – makes board games.

How to broadcast learnings from failures and get people to want more

Mistakes and incidents do and will happen, they're part of our lives. As painful as they are for the involved, they also carry powerful stories that others can learn from – to avoid making the same mistake. But how to create a safe platform to share these stories, generate interest, and gather a wide audience that wants to learn together?

In this talk, I'll show you how I adapted the popular 'Fuckup Nights' meetup format into Ocado's own 'F'up Nights' show. Over the course of 8 editions of this combination of comedy and post-mortem analysis, we've learned from (and laughed at) dozens of stories coming from our colleagues. In addition to showing you what F'up Nights look like, I'll share some tips on how to organise something similar in your company. This way, you’ll be able to start building a no-blame culture where mistakes are acknowledged as part of reality and become the fuel for innovation.