Paweł Słowikowski

My passion is to enable people and teams to grow and improve their effectiveness. I have started my career as a Software Tester, and since 2010 I have worked as a trainer, scrum master, agile coach, mentor and in other various roles — both in small startup-like projects and in large, multinational product development companies. I took an active role in a couple of agile transformations and scale-up initiatives.

Currently I work as an agile consultant, scrum master and trainer, helping the companies to improve their value flow, self-management of their teams and strengthening the skills of their leaders.

Workshop—Facilitate the delegation of responsibility

One of the myths surrounding self-organization is that all it takes for it to happen is for someone to step back from decision-making and leave the team (or other roles) to themselves.

My experience shows that this rarely works. We are often left with teams that don’t know what they can really decide on and managers that are frustrated that things are not ‘taken care of’. This is because the chances of decentralizing the decision making increase when the responsibility is gradually transferred with the involvement of both parties.
During the workshop I will guide you through a step-by-step approach of preparing such a transfer of responsibility from one role to another (or from a manager to a team). We will use elements of Holacracy and Delegation Poker to map and modify the current structure and prepare a plan to transfer the responsibility in key areas.

This framework is also an excellent way to start a conversation with the key stakeholders to understand what is the vision for a specific role in an organization.


Talk—Self-organization with Holacracy. Be careful what you wish for.