Paweł Polewicz

Paweł Polewicz

Pawel is a software engineer with 18 years of professional experience ranging from programming in a local startup to leading large teams for an international corporation. Initially focused on doing things right, later, he switched to doing the right things. Four years ago, he resigned from a full-time position and started a software house that has completed over 120 projects for businesses of all sizes based in the USA, Canada and UK, from a toilet paper level tracker to fintech time series analyzers.

Pawel’s current goal is to use his experience and connections to support entrepreneurs who are going through a challenging growth phase. This year, he launched Small Business Contributors, an initiative aimed at helping small teams and businesses to tackle difficult problems through short, to-the-point consultancy sessions.

Agile recruitment

Recruitment affects everyone at every company. Whatever your position, the skill level of your newly recruited colleagues will have an impact on your work and the performance of the organization. With that in mind, should we leave recruitment to the HR department alone?

We believe that with proper data and repeated iterations recruitment processes can be easily improved for the benefit of the whole company. We applied that way of thinking at Reef Technologies, and in the process, we discovered some shocking facts – like how many Senior Python Developers fail to swap two columns in a csv file, even when they’re free to use Google. (Take a wild guess! We’re almost sure it’ll be lower than the real value).

During our talk, we will introduce a method of applying agile practices directly to a recruitment process, presenting a structure that makes it easy to inspect and adapt. We will also showcase our automation practices, the savings we’ve been able to generate and improvements we’ve deployed after analysis. All of that with a sprinkle of fraud management ideas and surprising findings on the percentage of Python devs that you’d rather not hire or work with.