Pawel Mysliwiec

Humanize Inc

My objective as a professional is to help enabling organizations and people composing them to find a more humane way of working together and creating awesome, sustainable results.

Born in communist Poland and having lived in Africa and Western Europe I am always bringing a broad personal and professional experience to my efforts, be it through coaching, teaching or mentoring. I have worked as a programmer, analyst, product manager, project manager and team manager before I discovered Agile and Lean practices around 2010. Since then I have focussed on improving people and organizations alike, mostly using Professional Scrum and complementary practices.

I proudly represent my own company, Humanize, my training partners, my Professional Scrum Trainer community at and on a much broader scale our species, homo sapiens.

I am a father of a beautiful and bright 8 year old daughter, and I rediscover the value of human connections and marvel at relationship simplicity as it can be with her every time I can. In my close community, family and friends, we care about spending time together, sharing joy and hope, and trying our best to influence our professional and personal communities in a more caring and sustainable approach to our environment and our planet.

Why should you pay attention to this talk?

As you finish your day, do you wish to feel accomplishment without feeling exhausted? Concentration, focus, presence and awareness relate all to our ability to pay attention. It's a limited resource and being currently stolen by an increasing number of environmental factors. We urgently need to understand our attention and reclaim it. The alternative is a distracted, stressful and meaningless life. Combining scientific sources from various fields such as neuroscience, psychology and economics, my objective is to help you understand different forms of attention, how they are currently being threatened and how you can start reclaiming them.

Key takeaways:
Understanding of what challenges and opportunities we are currently facing when it comes to our ability to pay attention
How to leverage various forms of attention for an increased level of professional and personal well-being
How to start developing personal strategies to reduce stress and distraction