Paweł Lipiński

Having travelled a path from being a software developer, systems architect, agile coach to a founder and a CEO of two very diverse companies: Pragmatists and, Paweł applies his rare blend of experiences and technological know-how to build highly effective teams and processes at companies that people love being a part of.

The balancing act of building the right thing and building it right

If you're a member of a software team building an early-stage product, you certainly know the frustration coming from unstable scope, and permanent changes to priorities and directions. "Why cannot they make up their minds?" or "Why cannot they decide on a scope even for a single iteration?" are the typical questions those teams struggle with. Management teams on the other hand just want their decisions to be followed, changes to be welcomed, and "I need this bugfix solved by yesterday regardless of your backlog"—kind of requests to be accepted.
Where does this "impedance mismatch" come from and how to handle it? Managing a software house for over 12 years and a software-heavy startup for the last three gives me a good understanding of the needs of both sides, so I will try to share my experience and give a couple of hints on how to solve those challenges.