Paweł Feliński

Paweł is a management consultant in strategy execution, new product development, and business transformation. He brings focus on purpose, attention to detail, and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

He has obtained consulting, coaching, facilitating and training experience in numerous industries, including gas and oil, pharma, education, health, finance, IT, retail, and telecom.

Paweł is willing to share his know-how acquired in over 15 countries on four continents while supporting companies of various sizes – from large established corporations to dynamically developing companies to start-ups. His expertise spans many Agile-Lean methods and beyond.

Workshop—Flight Levels in Practice

I want to invite you on a journey during which you will discover the flight levels – a way of applying the Kanban method simultaneously on multiple levels of organisational hierarchy. During the workshop, we will run a series of simulations using the Okaloa Flowlab toolkit to understand how to build a network of Kanban systems and apply the flight levels. You can expect a lot of hands-on experience, two real-life examples from the oil & gas industry and a healthcare organisation, and a few “aha!” moments while finding out that building a kanban board is just the beginning while applying the limits of work in progress is not the end.

Agile in the Oil & Gas Industry

I want to share the lessons learned during over three years of coaching in the oil & gas industry. And to be clear, I don’t mean engaging in yet another transformation in the IT department of a non-IT company but rolling out the Agile ways of working in a company that has never created digital products at all.

How do you think you could build a pump in Scrum? (And why!)
Is the safety of engineers working on an oil rig a product?
When is having single-discipline teams the best idea?
Can Agile and Lean methods work together (like literally in the same team)?
And never old, should Scrum Master be technical or non-technical, ultimately?

I will share real-life examples to answer these questions during my speech. You will also learn the pros and cons of implementing Agile in organisations far from IT. But above all, we will point out that the answers to the most challenging questions regarding implementing practices can be found by returning to the roots and principles.


Talk—Hypotheses Validation

Workshop—Hypotheses Validation