Nicolas Brown

Nick is a business agility coach, dedicated to helping organisations and teams focus on outcomes via a principle based approach when adopting new ways of working. He is incredibly passionate about data and telemetry generated by teams and using this for a data-driven approach when it comes to coaching at all levels of the organisation. Currently he works at as an Agile Coach, supporting tech teams and the whole organisation in applying lean-agile principles to work in a framework agnostic ‘ASOS way’.

How (agile) charts lie

Measurement is one of the hottest topics in our industry, however many organisations are stuck in the measurement trap, either measuring anything/everything, poorly visualising data, not being skeptical of data and even suggesting misleading patterns from the data presented. In recent years, measurement has increasingly gained more traction in our industry with many folks wanting to "measure" or even "measure what matters" when adopting new ways of working. Whilst this enthusiasm is great, it often is channelled in the wrong way. This session will demonstrate just how prevalent lying with (agile) charts is, particularly with what will be some of your favourite metrics, as well as providing practical tips to improve the visualisation/usage of data within your teams and organisation.


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