Nadja Macht

Until recently, Nadja Macht has been working as VP of Engineering at Jimdo, a medium-sized software company in Germany. She started her career as an Agile and Systemic Coach in 2011. She accompanied the organization through times of crisis and evolution from being a startup to becoming a strategically thinking grownup. Nadja has coached and trained diverse international ICs, and tech and non-tech teams in applying agile and lean principles, continuous improvement, self-organization, leadership, feedback, and facilitation.
Since 2016, Nadja has educated Agile Coaches in cooperation with a local consultancy in Hamburg.
To share her experience in coaching, organizational development, and leadership, Nadja has just started her own business as an independent leadership coach.

Talks to be announced.


Talk—Effective Agile Coaching

Workshop—Group Coaching for Agile Coaches