Monika Konieczny

Monika Konieczny believes in the power of fun+passion+gamification combined with agile. She helps teams in finding their efficient and joyful methods to tackle various problems with communication, cooperation, motivation on their way to team and project success.

High sensitivity—how to use it as one of scrum master’s super powers

According to researchers like Dr. Elaine Aron 15-20 % of the population are highly sensitive. High sensitive people are mainly characterized by depth of processing, perceiving subtleties, emotional responsiveness and ease to overstimulation. Sounds exhausting and a bit overwhelming. It is… but :) on the other hand this trait gives you a magic third eye helpful in solving team’s everyday challenges.

During the presentation I’d love to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to use high sensitivity as an additional sense/sensor in scrum master’s “tool box”.