Miłosz Kancler

Digital New Agency

Agile Delivery Lead at Digital New Agency.

Engaged in Software Product Development for over 11 years in multiple roles like: Engineer, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Product Manager.

Enthusiast of all pragmatic and empirical ways of working that also involve having fun.

Plants & coffee lover.


In my role, I always want to make sure I take care of the most important needs of the organisation and at the same time stay effective and inspired. I would like to talk about my experience of changing the focus within my role: from team-oriented, through scale-oriented, to product-oriented.

I had an opportunity to be a part of an organisation that started a big fintech initiative from scratch. The company scaled in different dimensions and evolved heavily within the last two years. My role also changed dynamically during this time. It started from scrum mastering, agile coaching and later continued with product management.

Here are some examples that opened the door for changing the focus often and helped the organisation to keep pace in the extremely dynamic environment:
- Product needs vs teams - we moved from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ system where teams organise around the priorities and the goals that fit them best
- Engineering metrics - DevOps metrics helped the company to achieve high pace without sacrificing the quality on a very early stage of product development
- Defining autonomy - we needed to define what are the common rules of the game and what the teams can decide on their own in order to keep a very diverse setup that can operate effectively
- Self-propelled retros - a unified format and facilitating rotation enabled to ensure retrospectives can be run by anyone in the team and always happen
- Product demo - introducing company-wide demo every Friday ensured a skeleton for the way of working and simple, constant information flow within the organisation

If you are reading this line then maybe I got you curious. :)