AgileByExample 2019

Michał Grześkowiak


I’m a Scrum Master with 10Y experience of working with Agile Teams. I used to work with IT teams but with some scientists as well. Right now I’m in a moment when I’ve discovered that “people over tools and processes” is the most important part of Agile Manifesto for me and I’m doing my best to follow that sentence.

Remote work(s)

Eighter Scrum Guide or Agile Manifesto does not cover a topic of distributed and co-located teams. Meanwhile, I can hear (very often) that co-located teams are much better than distributed teams "for obvious reasons". Really? That's interesting. I think it's a myth and a bias somehow. I'd like to share with you my thoughts and experiences of working with distributed teams. I'd like to tell you about the tools and things that we did to make our distributed environment become our strength rather than an obstacle or excuse.